Intelligent sensing

Connecting the dots in real time.

From complexity to simplicity.

Urban Blue’s intelligent sensor technology uses a range of dynamic parameters and detection models to identify patterns in data and images. This allows Urban Blue to make predictions and translate potential risks to the situation into easy-to-understand insights and recommended actions for the team.

AOI – Areas of Interest:
What do you want to observe, know, recognise?

Below are some examples of common causes of “everyday” irregularities – some with devastating consequences for the farm’s ecological balance and commercial success. Keeping an eye on things that have gone wrong in the past is a good way to avoid irregularities in the future. In that sense, it’s pretty easy to avoid mistakes in the future, isn’t it? We would love to hear about your experiences and interests. Urban Blue can adapt to (almost) any situation.

Operating status

Switches and lights indicate operating status of systems, i.e. drumfilter or pumps.

Filling levels

Speed of change can indicate system performance, i.e. denitrification.

Feeding patterns

Monitoring feeding cycles for optimal growth with minimal waste.

Behaviour change

Changes in behaviour is a good early warning sign of well-being and health.

Biomass estimate

Monitoring growth performance and biomass development – certainly a necessary KPI.

Animal welfare

Early detection of developing health problems can make all the difference.

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