Welcome to Urban Blue

«Peace of Mind as a Service»

Weesen, Switzerland – Home of Urban Blue

Welcome to Urban Blue – Intelligence working alongside.

Urban Blue provides intelligent management and control solutions for vertical farming and aquaculture operations, uniquely covering both system and team operational aspects. Urban Blue’s intelligent sensing approach enables preventive risk management and corrective action for biological, human and machine interactions.

Today it’s all about 
sustainability & freshness.

Today, it’s all about sustainable freshness.  

Intelligence working alongside.

‍The future of ‍smart food production

Urban Blue provides a versatile AI-powered digital system to identify, assess and prevent operational challenges on farms using more and more hi-tech equipment by turning them into actionable insights, advice and growing expertise, offering farm teams a helping hand as a good friend does. UrbanBlue will make your every day life easier and more profitable.

A helping hand for farm teams.

Connecting farm teams with the magic of data science.

Urban Blue helps farm teams to keep the ecosystem stable, to detect irregularities earlier and to correct them faster. It’s good to know that a reliable friend is there to help keep things on track and stable. And who, if necessary, will not only point out possible irregularities in good time, but offers actionable insights and practical advice to solve the challenges at hand as as well.

Urban Blue is offering farm teams a helping hand as a good friend does.

Smart team @ work

Mastering the growing complexity in farms with Urban Blue.

Peace of Mind as a Service.

Maintain an overview – wherever and whenever you want.

‍Mastering the growing complexity with Urban Blue.

Urban Blue helps both farm management and farm workers clear their heads. The Urban Blue Assistant relentlessly gathers and analyzes knowledge and insights while sharing these with the operational team members relevant to the current situation and challenge. In the end, that’s probably worth more than all the money you can save with Urban Blue.

Urban Blue empowers farm teams to gather and leverage farm-specific expertise and evolve from primarily traditional experience-based to AI empowered knowledge-based farm management – fitting for the 21st century.

«Precision Farming»

Urban Blue’s vision is for AI to work hand-in-hand with teams in the new breed of hi-tech farms that are rapidly developing around the world.

Meet increasing complexity with knowledge and simplicity.

«Mini-Me, please!»

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a Mini-Me of themselves and their most competent team members – present and attentive 24/7/365?

This is exactly what you can get with Urban Blue.


If the farm team performs better, the fish and plants perform better, the farm business performs better. 

It’s that simple.