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Sometimes digital doesn’t deliver – sometimes.

Bridge the gap

Complementing traditional wired sensing and control systems, the Urban Blue platform seamlessly integrates solutions and products that leverage cutting-edge computer vision, AIoT and machine learning capabilities.
If you want to run a successful business today, don’t just use yesterday’s technologies, right?

Tech-Buzzwords worth knowing.

Although we try to avoid technical talk, some of the technologies we use are amazing and worth mentioning. If you want to know more, ask our specialists. Please remember to allow enough time when you do this as there are many exciting details to talk about…

Computer vision

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers and systems to derive meaningful information from images, videos and other inputs – Urban Blue collects and augments this complex information and translates it into easy-to-understand preventative measures for the team to mitigate irregularities in a timely manner.

Connected devices

Urban Blue is able to seamlessly and wirelessly integrate third-party devices into the Urban Blue smart sensing and control platform (IoT). The ever-growing list of Urban Blue-connected devices already includes industry leading lighting solutions, pumps, metering devices, drum filters, as well as sensors, valves, flow and level meters.

Admin, Assistant, Surf

Urban Blue consists of 3 main applications – Admin system for independent setup and maintenance via the web browser. Assistant is the mobile application (iOS/Android) for daily use by the team, installed on the personal smartphone or the team’s tablet computer. Surf is integrated into Urban Blue Assistant and can also be used via a stand-alone web application.

Wireless sensing

We seamlessly integrate and complement the data collected by any installed wired measurement and control system with our proprietary wireless BLE-mesh technology. This makes it especially easy and cost-effective to expand your system with helpful complementary air and water quality sensors as well as new acting devices.


Unlike other wireless network technologies, BLE mesh networks have been designed from the ground up to meet the rigorous demands of commercial and industrial environments. A key advantage of mesh networks is that if one device (node) fails, communication is automatically rerouted through other nodes on the network.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Urban Blue Platform combines the benefits of MQTT (originally invented by IBM) with our BLE-networked wireless sensor and action devices and our MQTT IoT capabilities. Unlike other providers, we keep reliance on processing data in the cloud to an absolute minimum – this means we send less data to the cloud and run business-critical system controls reliably even in offline mode.

If you want to learn more about our approach to data integration, smart sensing and connecting technologies, don’t hesitate to ask our specialists.