The Future of Smart Farming

Sustainably produced hyper-fresh produce.

Our Mission.

«Urban Blue’s mission is to help teams in high-tech fish and vegetable farms meet their daily challenges with a smart, 21st century, knowledge-based approach.»

Vertical Farming – fast growing, but not easy to master.

New technologies are enabling more sustainable food production, even in urban, hot or dry areas of the world. The increasing complexity of farming systems is challenging farm teams and economic success.

Smart Simplicity – Urban Blue’s approach to overwhelming complexity.

Urban Blue aims to become a leading service provider and data integrator of smart technologies in the fast-growing global business of «Vertical and Precision Farming». Our goal is to empower the new generation of farms and farmers to be sustainably successful.

Urban Blue Precision Farming.

Urban Blue bridges the growing gap between operational teams and technological complexity with artificial intelligence – and cross-functional teamwork.

Evolving operational processes from experience-based to knowledge-based.

  1. Improve accuracy, precision and repeatability in farming operations; 
  2. facilitate more autonomous and continuous monitoring of farming operations; 
  3. provide more reliable decision support; 
  4. reduce dependencies on manual labor and subjective assessments; and 
  5. thus improve staff safety, satisfaction and team work.

Urban Blue is farmworker centric.

If the farm team performs better, the fish and plants perform better, the farm business performs better. 

It’s that simple. 

Emerging market for land-based fish and high-tech vertical farming.

Since the 1960s, global fish consumption has grown twice as fast as the world’s population. Populations of wild fish will continue to decline. Aquaculture already provides more than half of the world’s fish consumption.

Climate change has also become a tangible challenge for traditional agriculture. Innovations in food production are being demanded and promoted worldwide.

As more aquaculture farms are moved onshore and more technology is used in modern farm operations, the operation of these farm systems is becoming increasingly complex.

Consequently, the gap between sophisticated data-driven technologies and the daily routines of farm teams is widening. Empowering farm teams to use data science is becoming the critical factor in making this rapidly growing industry economically and environmentally sustainable.

Urban Blue benefits everyone involved.

The use of Urban Blue helps to reduce operating costs and has a direct positive impact on economic success – as well as on the stress levels of the team, the animals or plants and the investors.

Urban Blue increases productivity, teamwork and the know-how of the company.

Urban Blue supports the team and increases their productivity in routine tasks so that they can concentrate on the really important things.

Urban Blue optimises the health and welfare of the animals.

Urban Blue helps to keep the ecosystem stable, detect irregularities earlier and correct them faster. In this way, Urban Blue promotes animal welfare and reduces mortality.

Urban Blue helps to save operating resources.

Urban Blue monitors the consumption of valuable inputs such as feed, oxygen, energy or water and detects unusual consumption values and cost-driving correlations.

Urban Blue contributes to more accurate feeding and optimal growth.

Avoid costly overfeeding with resulting feed losses and optimise efficient feeding strategies.

Urban Blue prevents operational irregularities.

By monitoring the operation of key systems, technical irregularities can be detected at an early stage and preventive maintenance can be carried out.

Urban Blue has a positive impact on the company’s risk profile and the associated financing and insurance premiums.

Urban Blue significantly reduces the risk profile in all areas. In particular, company-specific experiences can be incorporated into future work processes and lessons can be learned from mistakes made.

Urban Blue provides more Peace of Mind.

Urban Blue helps both farm management and farm workers to clear their heads. It is good to know that Urban Blue Assistant is always on hand to keep things on track and stable. A reliable friend who, if necessary, points out possible irregularities in good time. In the end, that’s probably worth more than all the money you can save with Urban Blue.